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The restaurant Casa del Corregidor is located in plaza de los Naranjos, in the Old Town of Marbella. This is the perfect place to enjoy fresh local products of the traditional Mediterranean kitchen with the most innovative techniques of the modern kitchen.

The high quality of our products, our carefully treatment of them and good prices are attractive extra features that will encourage you to visit it.

We are sure that you will enjoy any of our options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Any of them will satisfy you.

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Cocina mediterránea

Casa del Corregidor

The family Rivera Liébana owns since almost 100 years ago the Casa del Corregidor. Some of its members have even been born in this emblematic building, in the number 6 of Plaza de los Naranjos, in the heart of Marbella’s Old Town.

The family Rivera Liébana opened the restaurant in the year 2010 in the family house, which dates from 1555, and, as its name indicates, was the house of the first chief magistrate of Marbella.

For years, the family Rivera Liébana has worked in the world of arts, firstly related to literature and painting but then related to the gastronomy.

Mr. Pepe Mira is our chef, who is an experienced and expert cook in the local gastronomy. He is especially concerned with the proper food for each season of the year and its quality and freshness. Mira grew up in the country fields from Espera (Cádiz), where he was also born and where he learnt everything about vegetables. As he arrived to Marbella, more than 30 years ago, he works as cook in restaurants. He has been the chef from Casa del Corregidor since its opening in the year 2010.

Casa del Corregidor is the perfect place to share especial moments with friends and family. Due to the tranquillity and harmony of the atmosphere, the smell of the orange trees and the sound of the water from the fountain, your dinner in our restaurant will be a memorable experience.